EVP Recordings

Below are audio recordings of EVPs (Electronic Voice Phenomena) recorded by Spirits Journey Paranormal Investigators while at Lemp Mansion.

Female "hello" recorded about 4:30am on 3/19/2010. Recorder was on table in William Lemp's office -- the site of his suicide, main floor.

"Get out, get out." Front room where William Lemp killed himself (his office)

"Help Me." Soft whisper in William Lemp's office

"Carrie, we're right here." Taken during a K2 session (loud whisper) in basement near the sealed entrance to the tunnel

"I think it's ready to eat." Recorded near sealed tunnel

"Can they see?" William's office

Whisper before the female voice... sounds to us like: "Let's go see." Front room William's office


"Supper guest." Similar sounding voice to Carrie/Chris McCain's EVP whisper that says, "Looks like it's ready to eat."

You will hear investigators talking about how the chair outside Lavender Suite appears to have a cat under it. Someone thought they saw a dog walking through the hallway and investigated. At the very end of the recording you will hear an old man voice saying, "That's no cat." At about 9-10 seconds if you listen very carefully you may also hear a faint giggle as if he thought it was funny we thought it was a cat!


"William Lemp." William's office

Possible horse noise. Listen carefully to how the sound "rares up" at the beginning, like a horse does. Group thinks the ending could possibly be a dog. Whatever it was, none of us certainly heard it at the time.

"Are you male?" (no response) "Are you female?" (response) Possible horse noise again.

"Leave it alone, my stuff" We were in the basement, looking around, commenting on the building in general.

"Change now?" Basement tunnel room

You will hear a faint whisper then a cracking noise that gets the group's attention.

Heartbeat. No one on our frequency with walkie talkies heard that weird heartbeat-type of noise.

"Go on, get out of here." Voice orders us, right before our associate speaks